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100 4" x 2" x 8" with 2 1/2" Bottom Gusset Clear Favor Bags for S'mores, Popcorn, Cookies, Small Candy Apple Favors, Handmade Soap & More

For Smore's, Popcorn, Large Cake Pops, Cookies, Rice Krispy Treats and Small Sized Candy Apples. They also are used for packaging and displaying Handmade Soaps, Large Bath Bombs and Candles. 

"Amazon's Choice" for S'mores and Popcorn Favor Bags!

Our flexible poly bags are perfect for your DIY favors and packaging. They are best sellers on Amazon and Etsy in their Packaging Categories and used for:

The bags are 4" Wide x 2" Deep x 8" Tall. They have a bottom gusset that allows the bag to expand 2 1/2" so that your product can stand upright.

The bags can be closed with a ribbon, stapled, heat sealed or rubberband.

They are food quality, are recyclable and made with 100% virgin Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) resin that meets FDA/USDA specifications. The thickness is 1ml. Please note that these are not the crinkly cello bags, they are soft and flexible bags.

Pro Tip 1:  Ensure your item is cool before filling the bags. 

Pro Tip 2: If you are using them for soap you can scent the ribbon or closure of your choice with the same fragrance as the soap so that your customers can smell the soap without opening the bag.

Please note that the bags do not come with closures, tags, stickers, ribbon or item that is pictured inside. The pics are examples of how you can fill and decorate your favors.